Menopause – Known Entity


Menopause means stoppage of monthly periods i.e. “Mensis”. It is found to be related with changing symptoms in a woman’s body. Monthly periods is related with flow of blood caused by hormones called estrogen, progesterone and androgen produced in ovaries. Estrogens and progesterone are very important hormones. When a girl attains age of menarche hormones have important function of making follicles (eggs) and releasing them in every cycle. This is called “Ovulation”. During reproductive life, these hormones make eggs which when ovulated form babies. Hormones keep a lady feminine and beautiful.

Menopause-ladyAfter the age of 35 they start getting reduced and finally when period stop it is called menopause. Level of hormones is decreased with decline of hormones and finally cessation of periods. Women start getting vasomotor symptoms like: – hot flushes, sweats, forget-fullness, palpitation, breathlessness, lack of sleep, dryness of mouth, mood changes, loss of confidence, depression, tension, frequency,burning, painful micturition and stress incontinence, dryness of eyes sarcopenia, backache. Osteopenia and osteoporosis causing bone pains and sudden fractures, gastric disturbances, vaginal infection, vaginal dryness, loss of sex desire – sagging of perineal muscles and ligaments cause – cystocele and rectocele and prolapse of uterus.

A lady needs regular check-up and investigation in perimenopausal age and specially when she attains menopause. This is an age when incidence of breast and cervical cancer is more. There are women with post-menopausal bleeding. They need investigations for infection, cancer of cervix, cancer of uterus and ovaries. Routine investigations should be done regularly i.e.:-

  • blood count
  • blood sugar
  • lipid profile,
  • thyroid test,
  • urine test
  • transvaginal scan,
  • pap smear,
  • sono mammography

Stages of Menopause Menopause is an age which needs change in diet and life style modification- exercises, yoga and meditation. Love yourself spend time to get your full check-up done for eyes, ears andteeth. They are your best assets look after them so they give you company for long time.

“Prevention” is better than cure. Menopause a special phase of life. How you make it? It’s depends on you. How you live your life?

Good or bad

Happy or sad

Accept difficulties which come across your way in life and live life with a


Take menopause as:-“Me-No-Pause”.