"Age is a question of mind over matter - If you don't mind it does not matter"

Ageing is a complex syndrome where due to certain factors some of the organs of the body slow down in their functions. Most of the scientists arbitrarily believe that up to 30 years most of the organs grow to its full form, size, shape and function.

A day beyond the age of 30 years, the individual is one day old similarly affecting different organs. All most all organs in the body have sufficient reserve, thus ageing is a very slow process. More over all the organs do not get involved at the same time. The variability of the involvement of different organs also differs.

When your Pace becomes like a Snail

As we notice in clinical practice there may be a situation that only one organ is involved. Depending upon the severity of the involvement of organ the symptoms and signs appear in an identifiable manner to make a provisional diagnosis of the disease which is confirmed through the investigations specific to that disease. But such situation of the disease of an organ is not ageing.

Because of the slow changes in the body due to ageing an individual whether a male or a female feels as under:

  • Skin changes: Dry, dull, glow-less, wrinkled, sagging, thin and patchy and itchy skin. In addition lines in different directions, dark spots and open spores on the skin may also be seen. If one lifts up the skin over the back of hand it can easily be pinched. As one ages the different facial creases of the face and forehead become prominent.
  • Irritability, anxiety, and mild depression.
  • Less restful sleep.
  • Slow memory loss.
  • Decreased motivation and initiative.
  • Increased body fat particularly in abdomen.
  • Reduction in muscle mass power and function.
  • Reduction in strength and energy
  • If the person is asked specifically he feels weak, walks with wider gait, slow pacing, fear of fall, using banister while using stairs and unable to wear the trousers while standing.
  • Declining sexual interest or function.

Some graphic representation below, of the changes in an Individual as he/she ages.

Dull Skin

Restful sleep


Muscle Mass

Saggy skin
Easily Pinched

Sexual interest