Webinar on Art of Rejuvenation


Date: 13th June 2020 (Sat)

Time: 6 - 7pm (IST)

During this difficult time due to Corona Virus, Indian Association of Age Management, will be conducting a webinar on 13th June 2020 (Saturday). It will from 6pm to 7pm IST. Details of the webinar shall be updated soon. 

Do try to join the webinar. 

We also encourage you to become a Member of Indian Association of Age Management by applying onlineDue to lockdown situation we will not be able to process the Membership fees but you will be contacted later when the situation improves and gets under control in New Delhi. Thanks for your patience.


Dr V P Bansal
Retired Additional Director General of Health Services
Ministry Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Dr Mahendra Kumar Taneja
Director: Indian Institute of Ear Diseases & 25 years on Prevention and Management of Deafness, Dementia and aging through Yoga and particularly through Bhramari Pranayama
Dr. N C Gupta,
Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon particularly interested in hip, spine & polio surgery. Author of Backache (causes consequences & cure), Pain in & around neck, Short text book of fractures for undergraduates.

Watch the Recorded Live Broadcast

Art of Rejuvenation (13 June 2020)

Dr MK Taneja

Dr VP Bansal

Dr NC Gupta

Watch the previous Webinar on Covid - 19

Watch the recording of Live Webinar on Covid-19 in Senior Citizens.

Date: 16th May 2020

Webinar was live telecasted on Facebook and also through the Online Streaming. It was attended by over 55 people across the globe.

Thanks for your support and appreciation on this topic at this delicate time when the whole world is in turmoil due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some Useful Comments from attendees of Webinars.....

Very Interactive Age Management Group


It was pleasure interacting with age management group. Let us start with ourselves and be practical before we tell others. Do let me know how and where we started.

Thanks Dr V.P. Bansal, Dr Kajla for great hospitality and congratulations for successful conclusion of 1 st meeting of the year.I will keep you informed about steps taken at my end for the age management at Jalandhar. All the best

Dr Sushma Chawla
Jalandhar, India
1 June, 2020

Webinar on Covid 19

Webinar on Covid 19 was quite informative from medical and public point of view. Type of masks by different persons ie treating doctors, medical staff , patients general public should use.

New Delhi, India
16 May, 2020

Great to organise meeting on Age Management India


Congratulations Ved ji for arranging such elaborate meeting for age management
You have so many participants with freshest ideas . I am going to miss it and would have gotten a chance to meet your family and friends.

Dr Dinesh K Goel
1 March, 2020

Very Informative Scientific Meeting – AMICON 2020


Dear Prof Bansal. Thank you for arranging a very informative scientific meeting on Age management It was really a memorable evening for me I got a chance to meet you ,Dr Kajla, Dr Saransh and Dr Suresh whom I met now after nearly 30yrs .I have heard Dr Sushma’s name from my wife number of times, met her in-person first time.Rest of the people from Delhi I met first’ time. I hope we’ll have more of such meetings in future
I am grateful to Dr Shubank for taking me to the place of this meeting and helping in other arrangements He is a very close friend and very helpful person

Dr Rajinder Singh Dhaliwal
1 March, 2020

Thanks from the Organiser/s


Dr Dhariwal, It was my pleasure to meet you after about 4 years. I am grateful to you to have accepted my invitation to come all the way from Mohali. Your comments encouraged me to continue with the aim.
I am grateful to all my friends for attending a small meeting and be a part of the same.. your presence and the comments have encouraged me to continue working on this subject for the aged.

Dr V P Bansal
New Delhi
1 March, 2020

Plethora of Information

Dr S.K. Bansal neurologist had been very confidentially experienced to contribute better knowledge on the subject. Dr. Ashish urologist enlightened on urological problems of aging and aged very nicely. Dr. NC Gupta orthopaedic surgeon showed nice tips on yoga meditation with respectful words spoken for professor VP Bansal. Dr. Sushma Chawla Gynaecologist from Jullundher made practical useful recommendations with help of multicolored ribbon presentation through her slides. Professor Dhaliwal cardiothoracic surgeon and Dr Gautam Psychiatrist also chaired sessions making nice useful comments. Alpha waves of brain get stimulated through pranayam and meditation besides yoga. It was enlightening discussion

Dr Kajla Bansal
Naraiana Vihar, New Delhi
1 March, 2020

Informative Meeting on Age Management


Very informative meeting and brilliant presentations from the speakers. It was an honour to be a part of it. Congratulations to Prof. V P Bansal sir for this new venture. Hope the association flourishes further and gains it’s true objectives in the coming years

Dr. Nitish Kapil
New Delhi
1 March, 2020

Great Interactive Meeting on Age Management – First of its kind !!

Thank you all for your lovely presence.
It was a pleasure meeting you all.
Looking forward to more interactions in the future.

Dr Saraansh Bansal
New Delhi
29 February, 2020